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Welcome to Caliber Financial Planning Ltd

We are a small firm of Independent Financial Advisers (IFAs) who passionately believe in the principle of a client for life. Our advice is friendly yet professional, and can be delivered in the comfort of your home, at your office or indeed at our office in the village of Chinnor.
As independent financial advisers we act for our clients as opposed to any particular financial institution. Without the pressures or politics often experienced within larger companies, we are able to focus purely on the best interests of our client, hence being “small enough to care”. 
Although we are a small company in our own right, a number of factors provide us with considerable research, information flow and resource which would be the envy of many larger companies. This is achieved by being a member of Caliber Financial Associates Ltd, who are a select group of like minded IFAs spread across a few counties. In addition, as a Chartered Financial Planner, Iain Rankin holds the highest possible qualification within the industry. This, together with his considerable experience, proves to be valuable to our practice and our clients, hence having sufficient support and qualifications that make us “large enough to know”. 
We provide a pro-active and holistic service to our clients. These include the more discerning individuals as well as a number of corporate clients and Trust funds. The main area of operation is that of tax efficient investment and retirement planning. 
We hope the facilities we make available in this website, prove to be of assistance to our existing clients and any new clients who wish to join us. 
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